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From the soundtrack of the Lion King, to X-Factor performances, to Wayne Rooney’s wedding and on the football grounds at FA Cup - The London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC) are the nation’s favourite choir..


The choir was founded in 1982 by the Reverend Bazil Meade and have been performing, recording and touring since!


Testament to LCGC’s sound is the long list of artists that they have sung with: Madonna, Sting, Elton John, George Michael, Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Westlife, Tina turner as well as Gorillaz, Florence & The Machine and Leona Lewis.


Most recently LCGC released a new album called ‘Glorious’ which entered the mainstream UK Chart; one of the first UK Gospel artists to so! They released a charity Christmas single ‘Home for Christmas’ in 2010.


If any evidence is needed of the power and glorious beauty of the human voice, LCGC provides it. LCGC are a collective of the finest voices in the country, and are of all ages, races and backgrounds.


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This is an exciting, new and dynamic concept group that consists of amazing voices who have come together, to not only bring quality music to the popular music market, but also to bring a message of diversity, love, hope, harmony and peace to a world which really needs to hear it.


If any evidence is needed of the power, dynamics and beauty of the human voice, The Edge of lcgc certainly provides it; their sound is, literally, spine-tingling. A collective of some of the finest voices in the UK, the group members are a youthful mixture of races and backgrounds and, although rooted in the Christian/Gospel tradition, their unique style also spans soul, RnB, rock and pop influences, which is delivered with irresistible energy and choreography.


Each individual singer within ‘The EDGE’ can own the stage in their own right so the group sound is something not many of its competitors can reproduce. It is, therefore, no wonder why individuals within ‘The EDGE’ have been called upon to work with artists as diverse such as Madonna, Leona Lewis, Westlife, Faithless, Lemar, Blur, Natasha Bedingfield, Corrine Bailey Rae, Duffy, but to name a few!


‘Keep Moving’ is The Edge’s début audio visual DVD album recorded at the infamous Jazz Café in London UK. With a new found wave of appreciation for big vocal harmony singing; including the phenomenal success of US TV show ‘Glee’ (currently in the UK top 5) and various TV shows with big ratings such as ‘Last Choir Standing’, this record will be eagerly received.


‘The Edge’ have their big brothers (London Community Gospel Choir) pathway to follow in, with the same pioneering passion to touch everyone with their message of love, hope and joy.