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MVLS Records

MVLS Records is a record label and publishing company. Our aim is to serve quality artists and bring their music to a global audience. We will achieve this using our growing network of licensees and distribution partners. The genres of our artists range from Pop and Rock through to Contemporary Gospel music.
MVLS Records executive team have over 25 years experience in the music entertainment business. Away from developing and promoting our current repertoire, part of the MVLS vision is to continue to provide an alternative option to musicians, artistes, writers and composers seeking to further their careers in the world of recording and publishing.


MVLS Publishing

We are a UK based independent music publisher. Our primary focus is to sign, develop and promote songwriters’ compositions and give them the platform to work with performing artists in all styles and genres of music, as well as equip them with the skills to write jingles and library music for radio, TV / film, advertising, as well as all forms of multimedia (including the gaming industry) globally.

MVLS Publishing is split into two main areas: Artist and Repertoire (A&R) and Administration (which comprises of sub-publishing, licensing and exploitation in the copyright content) internationally.
MVLS Publishing has access to a skilled in-house team of songsmiths, writers and producers who are all very much involved on a creative level from the initial conception of the idea through to the final delivery of the song content. We have an East London headquarters and studio where all these activities are able to take place. MVLS Publishing takes pride in creating the perfect environment for writers to achieve their best work whilst remaining undisturbed.

We are keen to speak to gifted and unpublished artists, musicians, songwriters and composers who are looking to partner with an innovative music publisher. Whatever your songwriting and /or composing circumstances are, talking to us may prove beneficial to you.


MVLS Song Submissions

Solicited submissions should be sent to the address below. However, please note that we receive a significant amount of material. Please allow 2 weeks for us to respond to you.. Should you wish any material to be returned to you, please ensure to enclose a stamped addressed envelope and we will do our best to ensure this is done.


Address Submissions to:

Song Submissions

Brookdale House

75 Brookdale Road


E17 6QH


MVLS Production

Under the MVLS umbrella is a music production company with a state of the art Pro-tools HD recording studio based in East London. We house our own roster of producers, writers, musicians/singers and composers to cater for clients looking for music in the arena of TV, film, jingles and artist, singers.